Testimonies from Belasitsa.

Hello Pastor’s Vasil Petrov and Nassy.It's been a week since you left our place and we are still under the effect and emotion of your presence.Last night we've been at the church in the ''Rupes'' and everyone therе had something on mind to say what God did for him.Brother Mitko said the thing that was moving in his stomach causing him pain is no longer there.On Sunday, his wife Sonya was speaking spiritual languages all the time without stopping,no matter what she was doing all the day. Both of them were in joy,just very happy!Juliet said,that when she was coming at the front to pray for baptisms in the Holy Spirit,she didn’t felt how walks on the ground.It’s like she was flying in the air. Two things did a strong impression to me.The one I was thinking about is,that everyone has one more thing left to fight with.And the second one that didn’t surprised and amazed me was the testimony of Sonya.She said,that when she was in the church last Friday, you and Nassy were already there,but the sermon hasn't been started yet - Sonya was dizzy,ready to vomit and then she burped,not very nice words... ,but she has received her FREEDOM,even before the sermon. It seems the demons cannot stand in your presence(the presence of the Holy Spirit).After that when we pray Sonya received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Praise to the Lord! And the other thing that personally has made me happy was,that they brought one elderly family from ''Starchevo'' village,but it was obviously,that they have a desire for God.Do you understand? The blind people will see!Glory to the Jesus Christ! God bless you and keep using you everywhere you go ''to open the eyes of the blind,to release the prisoners from the prison and those who stand in the darkness''. Glory to God!

Testimony of Aussia Reed - 24/01/2014

Aussia Reed

Thank you for this version of translated Word of God! May God bless you both, Nassi and Vasil Petrov, in all you do i.e. shine such a great internal light of the Word of God!

I do have a testimony as well!

Very late last night, after I had slept for about an hour, I was awake and happy to be in touch with the people of God (You) and after all the back and forth introduction and encouragement, I almost forgot to ask for the one thing that connects Us even more than anything else and that is the ability and conviction in the Mighty Power of Prayer for one another, and especially when in need (physically challenged, emotionally, health, etc. ). So, I did ask Pastor Vasil Petrov, if he may pray for Emilie, who by last night had been coughing for almost a week and it was not getting any better... we had just got back from a second doctor we had seen in 4 days. Well, that was last night. However as of Today, Friday the 24th, I saw Emilie sleeping like a bathed baby, this morning with her arms wide open upward on her pillow, getting an extra hour of much needed sleep and since, she had been up, All day, very little coughing, No major difficulties

breathing, in her own words "much improvement"! She has got her voice back, thanks to the prayers heard by God of the wonderful and caring brothers and sisters!

Slava Na Boga,


Glory to Jesus for the new miracle

Glory to Jesus for the new miracle that He did and it was told me yesterday! Here’s the text about our conversation with Darin, he’s from the church from Veliko Turnovo.
Monday, 15 July, 2013, 00:19. I’m sorry for the late hour, there’s an urgent need of prayer for my friend’s friend. He has cancer in his blood and right now is in the hospital of Pleven for operation, the doctors aren’t giving any hopes, only 10% life, and when I spoke with my friend I told him that I can pray for his friend to God to heal him completely in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!
After we received this need for prayer, we introduced it to God in the show “In the world of miracles”, broadcasted Tuesday 16 July, 2013, live from city of Varna. https://vimeo.com/70464459 
Hello Pastor Vasil!
I want to thank much to you and to all in Varna that you prayed for the man I wrote to you, Ivo, the one that is sick of cancer!
God bless all of you abundantly and to use you so powerfully more and more for His Glory in Jesus Christ! Amen!
I love all of you very much!
Yesterday, after the night service in Veliko Turnovo 22nd July 2013, I received information from Darin that the boy with the cancer, with one correction, not blood cancer, but cancer of the white lungs, and the doctors were giving 10% life, today is operated and the same doctors are saying that he’s completely cured. We know who is the doctor of all doctors and we give Him full glory. Thank God for gifting life to this boy.
Pastor Vasil Petrov

Testimonial of Natasha from village Pishtigovo,

Testimonial of Natasha from village Pishtigovo,
Pastor Vasil Petrov, I want to thank and glorify God that he made miracle. Now my father returned from my uncle and he is praising God. I’m typing you right away to glorify God. Yesterday before the show, I saw online the Skype of my uncle’s nephew from my village and I send him what you send to me.
[29.1.2013y. 18:41:28] Natasha said: Tonight in the show “In the world of miracles” from 19:00, lecture with Pastor Vasil Petrov “Heal me, God, and I will be healed”. Prayer for sick and testimonials for healed.www.vasilpetrov.org.
[29.1.2013y 18:42:02] Natasha said: Watch Yane and tell to your mother and grandfather, all of you watch it.
[29.1.2013y. 18:42:06] Янето на чичо said: Yes, we will watch it. All watched the show for healing and my father just now told me and they glorify God with tears on their eyes. Today they were at the hospital and the feet of the 5 month baby are now fine, otherwise they wanted to put them in special things for getting them straight and God made miracle for that little baby and for the whole family of my uncle and they praise Him with tears in their eyes in my village and the whole glory is to God and we thank God. When we go to them, we tell them about God and we gave them the site to watch your preaches, and I didn’t knew about the baby and his sickness, the baby is great granddaughter of my uncle and I’m very happy and I thank God that he made miracle for that baby of 5 months in the right time He healed the feet of the little Maria. Today, God prevented the doctors from putting these things on her feet, and the whole glory is for Him. Praise God! He’s great and He is doing miracles.

Testimonial of Natasha from village Pishtigovo,


Pastor Vasil Petrov, I want to thank and glorify God that he made miracle. Now my father returned from my uncle and he is praising God. I’m typing you right away to glorify God. Yesterday before the show, I saw online the Skype of my uncle’s nephew from my village and I send him what you send to me.

[29.1.2013y. 18:41:28] Natasha said: Tonight in the show “In the world of miracles” from 19:00, lecture with Pastor Vasil Petrov “Heal me, God, and I will be healed”. Prayer for sick and testimonials for healed. www.vasilpetrov.org.

[29.1.2013y 18:42:02] Natasha said: Watch Yane and tell to your mother and grandfather, all of you watch it.

[29.1.2013y. 18:42:06] Янето на чичо said: Yes, we will watch it. All watched the show for healing and my father just now told me and they glorify God with tears on their eyes. Today they were at the hospital and the feet of the 5 month baby are now fine, otherwise they wanted to put them in special things for getting them straight and God made miracle for that little baby and for the whole family of my uncle and they praise Him with tears in their eyes in my village and the whole glory is to God and we thank God. When we go to them, we tell them about God and we gave them the site to watch your preaches, and I didn’t knew about the baby and his sickness, the baby is great granddaughter of my uncle and I’m very happy and I thank God that he made miracle for that baby of 5 months in the right time He healed the feet of the little Maria. Today, God prevented the doctors from putting these things on her feet, and the whole glory is for Him. Praise God! He’s great and He is doing miracles.


Monique Angelova 29.01.2013

We are very inspired and blessed from the show “In the world of miracles” tonight. The Holy Spirit indeed got down and we our hearts got opened and filled for the Word. After that, the result came. My grandfather had problems from the last night, the devil attacked him in his eyes and he was dreaming of being blind and his eyes were in pain whole day. Thanks to Jesus, while we were watching the show, the pain passed away completely. We are very happy and that is why I want to give the whole glory to God.

Nikolina Ilieva - Gabrovo church 5;01,2013

С голяма радост прославям Господа че ме кръсти със Святия Дух 
Слава да бъде на Исуса Спасителя!

 With great joy, praise the Lord! He baptized me with the Holy Spirit

Glory be to Jesus Savior!

The testimony of Maia Velkova from Burgas:

Good morning pastor. I’m in a hurry to share what God showed me this morning and I want to glorify him for that. Years ago, when I read your book, there was a chapter about friendship. God touched me with the whole book, but on this chapter He reminded me today how He kept my attention and I prayed hardly, so God can meet me with true friends. I didn’t know how and when it will happen, I went to church, but all I saw there were groups and I was not in them. But God is great and this morning she showed me that the answer is given in the faces of all of you! After the conversation last night I saw and felt that for God’s love there are no limits, it’s not on groups, it’s powerfully coming everywhere and to everyone that search God. For God’s love there is no distance, trough our internet church all of you from different parts of the country are so much closer to me, than the people that are near me in reality. Because I believe that we are guided by the Holy Spirit of God, who lives in us and fills us with this love! Be blessed pastor for the deed that you do with Nasi and like you said in the book: DON’T EVER LET SOMEONE TO TAKE FROM YOUR LIFE THE LOVE OF GOD AND TO THE PEOPLE. AMIN!

She was healed in Jesus' name

Macedonia - Mumanovo 2012/09/10

Heilung in Varna

Hello, friends! I want to give a testimony for glory and glorification to our precious God and Savior. Before 10 days when pastor Vasil and his wife were with us during The Revival Crusade in Varna town they prayed for my mother who had suffocating cough and incessantly spasms for maybe 2 years and we didn’t see the way out of this situation because some doctors thought that this is about asthmatic bronchitis and it’s necessary special treatment in hospital conditions. But God has already divined something better for her but then she had and water baptism and she was so happy, so my friends the cough, the shortness of breath and the incessantly interferences are GONE! They are gone with the illness and the terrible chokes! Glory to God, we are so happy that we just have no words to describe our happiness! We are encouraged so be and you, and don’t hip neither be weak because Jesus is the same today, tomorrow and forever! We love you, be blessed in God’s name! Amen!

Glorify Jesus for Sema


We want to glorify Jesus for His great work! Today, July 18, 2012 , called me a sister in Christ – Margarita from Dortmund from our “Internet church” and she gave a testimony for her girl friend for who we have prayed when we where there. Her name is Sema and she is of Turkish origin. She received Jesus on June 10, 2011, in Dortmund, Germany and we had prayed for her healing from cancer! She had a malignant cancer of the blood at an advanced stage "leukemia"! She was at a special program with very strong narcotic drugs! Doctors were told her to sort things out with estates and inheritances, because no one knows how long and still life. Today, Jesus Christ gave her diagnose “ HEALED ”! Glory to Jesus! All indications of Medicine have shown good results! His fate for her is not only to have eternal life, but to rejoice and earth, and continue to live and to witness for Him! We give all the glory to Jesus for this miracle! Beside that, today she had found a person, who wants to spend his life with her and she has engagement ring! What more will come to pass for this woman in God? All of that is real joy for us and we are looking forward to see her and together to share the joy of the experienced!

Pastor Vasil Petrov


Testimony for healing 03.04.2012

Request for healing , 24 march 2012
Hello, I have new believer friend and today she has told me that it was found she has myoma. Support us for healing and for affirmation of her faith. God is mighty to save and heal. Thank you and God bless you!
Magdalena Kuncheva
Testimony for healing 03.04.2012
Hello, thank to Jesus and to all, who were praying for my friend. She is already well, even the doctors have delayed the operation. I believe and forever, because our God is healer to the doctors, Halleluiah!
Magdalena Kuncheva

The testimony of Athanasius Raichev

Atanas Raichev of Plovdiv, 24.11.2009 is operated with a diagnosis of mixed germ- cell testicular cancer - seminoma with embryonic kartsiom restricted in testis / 4 / 3cm / - tumor metastases in the lymph slits. Atanas undergoes himoterapiya that can not withstand, and he gave up writing this procedure. He says that since then has notbeen taking any pills or painkillers, and the next checkup is established that it is completely clean with no metastases in any organ studied. It gives all the glory of Jesus through which is completely healed. 

Desi salvation!

Pastor Petrov, want to share my gratitude and joy with you.
I am now a new man and God working in my life and changed meI am free fromdepression, I have a longing to commune with God at any time desire to read the Word and get up early in the morning and spend time with my Heavenly Father. This is a new experience for meEvery day he takes care in a wonderful way for meI pray for the sick throat and he healed me of the timeAllows each problem to my worksupplies all my needs.
Continue to lead the battle in his mindoften succumb to the feelings and emotions, which I interfereI know that God wants to teach me to not look at people and circumstances around me, and fully trust him.
Brothers and sisters in the church already seeing changes in my life.
Thanks for your supportprayersattentionGod bless your family. I'll be glad to seeyou and your wife one day. If you have time to Varna, Shumen Tutrakan or email me.

book - "As in a mirror"

Hello, I want to say that I read the booklooked in the mirror and saw the glory of God the things that I had not really seenHelped me a lotI liked many truthsrevealed to meThank God and you! Be blessed!

Maya Velikova - Burgas

A testimony from Statis Leptokaridis - A Greek man living in Germany

A testimony from Statis Leptokaridis - A Greek man living in Germany

09.06.2011 Dortmund Germany Today, Sonya and I visited our friend Margarita at her home.
There , we met Vasilii and Nasi , a blessed couple from Bulgaria , who were visiting Margarita at the time. Margarita is also from Bulgaria. Margarita and her daughter Magdalena speak good greek as Margarita's husband is greek. We had some coffee and ate some homemade cake, which was absolutely delicious. I can not reveal the recipe as it is a product of Margarita's imagination.
After that we went for a walk in the park. While we were walking Vasilii told us about the Bible and how God can help us, heal us and perform miracles through Jesus. While I was listening I remembered the Doubting Thomas story and not long after I asked Vasilii to pray for me and Sonya while we were still sitting in the park.Margarita translated the prayer into greek for me while he was praying in Bulgarian and I was explaining it to Sonya in german. Between the three languages we all understood the prayer. Let me tell you this, after the death of my son Georgious, my blood sugar levels were very high and psychologically I was very weak, broken and desperate.
At the moment when Vasilii touched me with his hand, I felt like a new person. I saw a light with my own eyes and heard a voice coming from the mountain. I opened my eyes and felt the strength coming through Vasilii's hands. I also felt how my spiritual thinking changed, I sensed a huge change within my soul and I felt like a 20 year old. I was a new person after so many years of pain and difficulties in my life. In my soul I felt that Christ was with me and in Jesus's name he was going to turn my life around. I felt like in my poverty I was going to get a huge help ,break from everything bad, i didnt know from where but this is what it felt like. Sonya's eyes watered when Vasilii and his wife put their hands on her and I saw her becoming relaxed in their hands. She opened her eyes for a moment and I felt freedom and lightness in my heart.
There in the park where the 5 of us were at the time we felt a miracle through Jesus.Yes , there is a power in somebody very close to me, who can make people feel better. You may be doubtful but its true...Its would be beneficial to you to meet this blessed couple sitting next to us right now so that they can help. Sonya and I felt their help. I will tell you now, that I will always pray like the Doubting Thomas who believed in Jesus and followed him in his life. Amen!
If you would like to talk to me personally and ask me how I feel now with Vasilii's help in Jesus's name , my phone number is 004917699176786 - Dortmund 44147 Blucher str 23 oGermany Leptokaridis Statis 

Transalted from greek by Margarita Savidis

Testimony of Sonia

15 – 6 – 2011

Yesterday I was at my best friends house Margarita and her friends were there. Vasil and Nasi and they had prayed for me and my daughter. I have had lost of bad experience in my life example. I was in Lebanon 2006, I had seen with my own eyes a small child maybe 6 years old she had her left had lost and too shoulders blown up from the bomb. It was a very bad war I can not forget it. I was in a dark booker for there days it was dark there was no light and not food to eat and nothing to drink I had a small bottle of water I had a little drink and the rest I gave to my children through this expense. I am always a fried of the dark but for the first time in my life I am not afraid again. Because before I had to keep light on around the house and through people I have meet I have found inner peace and I fell good a again with Christ Amen!    

March 18, 2011 David and Diane

Dear family and friends,
I am so grateful that I can write this letter to give you an up to date on the state of my health a week after being discharged from hospital after major surgery for a heart attack. Also thank you all kind wishes and prayers while in the hospital. It is so good for Diane and I know there have been faithful and loving people like you who supported us during this interesting is happening in our lives.

On February 4, 2011 I was rushed to hospital after receiving a loss of air. I was immediately admitted and put on various machines to monitor my situation. Doctors say I was very happy to do it for them.

All this came as a strong shock to me I was never sick or in hospital in my life and now that my fatigue and difficulty breathing due to my age. (I am 69 years young) and even my GP said its record of an operation is very limited.

I was kept in our local hospital for three weeks to build the system ready for operation on 27 February and transferred to another hospital specializing in cardiac problems.
Two days later, March 1, 2011, I had the operation which gave me two new heart valves and other bits and pieces of the surgeon deems necessary.

After five days of intensive care for recovery when I was fired and here we are after another week. (Continued on page )...............

As you know, as Diane and I are Christians and have developed great faith in our Lord through the years. So we thank him, which is a great healer for the rapid and amazing my progess.
I've never felt so good, as I now do and our level of faith in God has increased dramatically.

I hope to see many of you in the weeks to come, but if you want to comment on anything you have written, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I love you all.
God bless you.

David and Diane.

Margarita Savidis - Dortmunt Germany


From time to read and listen to God. Visiting a Greek church because my husband is Greek and every Sunday we go to church. I love to read the bible, to seek God and want to be closer to him and he guided my life. From the internet I read many sermons of various pastors. Slava.a the god came across the website of Pastor Vasil Petrov. I started reading and watching all his sermons, which I love. This much I liked and I told her that's exactly what I was looking for so long. This is a topic that is right for me. This is true and straight path for me. After much wandering came moment to understand who is a straight path to God.

"I am the way truth and life." - John 14.6

  So in the days when I fall because of these downs give place to the devil, now when I went forward in the way of God, thank God that I met Pastor Vasil Petrov. Now I gave this place a place of God to enter. The more one reads about God, pray and listen more, has the power which he can only give it. May God bless us all in these holidays, to give ourselves fully to us the Holy Spirit in God's light. Thanks, that has people like Pastor Petrov with such a strong spirit of God.

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." - Jeremiah 29.12

Margarita Savvidis

God works differently!

God\'s methods of healing are different! Many people hope for a miracle, the way they understand it. Sometimes tend to say even how God healed them. I have seen many deplorable results. I want to encourage you with the healing of Sister Sultanaka which is our church in Gabrovo.

At ten days before it opened and malignant uterine cancer and we knew when we went immediately to their home to pray for her.
 This woman has always been faithful to God, either in the giving, sowing for the kingdom of God, however, live with a pension. This woman repeatedly gave the gospel beyond their capabilities. Very rarely it has happened is not in the church, where assembly and yet something is - it has a pure heart and a loving God loves her.
When we went to pray for her, she welcomed us with a smile and said he is not afraid of the consequences because it is confident that God had healed. We prayed and God touched in January, even then. Most people would think that this means that she was healed immediately - No! God works differently! Her and was assigned to the operation last Monday in hospital in Gabrovo. She kept tvadi that God is love and not leave her. She went after the surgery and doctors said they have malignant cancer and the situation is very serious. Is likely to spread very words were the specialists. Where is the miracle still wondering - I know! Enjoy!
  On the same day Monday, sent by American special equipment that is right for such operations. Sent surgical equipment in Gabrovo tested it on a cancer patient and the hospital if they can then buy it. This makes the operating system - quality cleaning this type of cancer. Saving blood transfusion and many other painful procedures and facilities. Guess which has undergone an operation to test with it. Our sister course. Glory to Jesus! God sends angels for her to not have to hit the stone at your feet! Help from above. The apparatus was so expensive that the hospital in Gabrovo was not able to purchase it. I believe that this particular machine came from the U.S. for this woman instead of it going to America. God is great God who does miracles. After the operation the operating doctor says with a smile on your face and marvel: no spread in the body of sultana and it will be restored quickly. Here are photos from today\'s visit to the hospital. When she recovered fully come into our studio to give God all the glory. Hope this encourages you that God has a miracle for you! What is it ....

Pastor Vasil Petrov

Tsvetanka Velikova a été guérie

Tsvetanka Velikova was healed of hemorrhoids once suffered from this disease more than 30 years and has undergone two operations. After our first service with Chanesly 20 06 2010 She received a complete healing. Today glorify Jesus for the miracle.

Open deaf ear

Deliverance from homosexual

This man was released from the demon of homosexuality in the our Ministry in London - Harlow

A woman was healed

Yesterday\'s meeting with our Bulgarian church in Chelsea, the feet of a woman was healed after he came with severe pain in them. Two women from Bulgaria adopted the Holy Spirit and spoken tongues. Glory to Jesus!

BABY heal of bronchitis PLEVMONIYA

These parents believed in the supernatural power of God and Theirs baby was completely healed from bronchitis plevmoniya. On 06.05.2010 in the town of Byala mother fled with the baby from the hospital to be able to attend the healing meetings with Pastor Vasil Petrov. Doctors looking for an antibiotic to stop the disease, but were unable to cope. That evening after prayer for healing, they return to the hospital and doctors found that the child is completely healthy. Jesus looked favorably on them and their faith rewarded. Glory to His name.

Pastor Vasil Petrov

This hand is healed

This woman received her miracle of the moment. She came to our service in Byala town with strong pain in the arm. She said she could not unwrap even toilet paper with it. I laid my hand on it and prayed to Jesus had healed, then gave to lift three pound bottle of water, and she dided. She testified that it is completely healed.

Glory to Jesus.

Opening the blind eye

20.04.2010 - Praise God that you pray for my mother Zdravka

Thank God,
I want to thank Rev. Vasil Petrov and his staff for being prayed for my mother Zdravka which successfully underwent a gall bladder operation and was then developed pleura-pneumonia.
God answers our prayers! Thank God!
I believe that all who have prayed for her life took part in a miracle, my mother now survives.
At the beginning of the year was a very big test - every night I prayed very for the life of my mother and asked many of my close friends believers to do the same, I wrote to you.
She developed a complication after surgery and was again returned to the same place in the same surgery in the same room and even in the same bed again and spent a few days to deal with pleurisy and fluid removed from her liver
I believe that God wants it to change and to really accept him with all my heart. Thank God for all the kindness that occur to me and my family.
Then the family doctor told my mother that is a miracle that he is alive after severe pneumonia, a miracle is that antibiotics are affected, but I know that the miracle has happened even when she lay on the ground in pain and I prayed for the first time out loud so hard for her, but she had time to take your healing:) It was only then she realized it was a step away from death and that a great miracle happened in my life in.
Now I pray for the salvation of the souls of my family Zdravka, Dejan, Veska and Elena.
God know them and bless them.
I pray for Nino, George and color of grace in their lives and health.
I pray for a miracle in the life of Boyan to recover from cancer linfnite nodes in the abdomen and to accept God. God reveals to him to meet him.
I believe that if God did for me and my mother would make for each person.
Thank God Sincerely,

Healed from a stroke

Pavlina of Radnevo received his miracle! She was in the service of healing Radnevo of 31/10/2009 and was touched by Jesus. Pavlina was a problem with the eyes. She was born with damage to the retina of both eyes and they were separated in different directions. There was almost no focus on things and this was accompanied by severe headache. Doctors and written 15 diopter glasses that can see in the picture. Even with them she can not read and sees blurry. After prayer she was healed by God and began to read even the font 10. Glory be to Jesus. It is the same yesterday, today and forever! Amen!

Pastor Vasil Petrov

Testimony of Petya - 16.10.2009

Wednesday, 2009, September 23 20:50:14 - Hello, writes you one sestra.Ako do you supported me in prayer for the healing of my brother Martin, injured in crash on 07.09.09. He was in complete coma, is now called. awake coma. I hope all of God and the miracle that will do. I'm Petya from Sliven, contact phone 0884235285 and email address petito_elena@abv.bg.

Thursday, 2009, October 8 21:36:36 - Hello! Thank you for your support in prayer for my brother Martin and instruction to me. Martin from day to day there is improvement ment began to move his fingers on his hands to look at call opening his eyes and looking with his eyes began to eat it without the probe, to still be in kontaknost, but maybe this will be our during construction. Thank God! 

Friday, 2009, October 16 09:41:35 - I want to please you with that, my brother Martin said yesterday in his first words. . Said in a phone call, "Yeah, I hear" and then "No". On Monday, it would appear from the hospital in Vidin and would be moved to profilaktoriuv in Pernik. Glory to God!



Willy was healed by God

Viliana from the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo, 
was tested in Israel - Jerusalem, where her medical diagnosis 
from Bulgaria was confirmed as hypoplastic anemia, meaning 
loss of cells in the bone marrow. Viliana needed an engraftment 
donor cells from the bone marrow, but the possibility to find 
such was very minimal. Viliana contacted our ministry by phone 
and together with her mother Sonia came to our home for prayer. 
The very same evening, Viliana accepted Jesus as a personal 
Savior and not long after that was baptized in water.After 
we prayed for her to receive heeling she received healing 
from the only possible donor for her body, Jesus Christ.
On October 13, 20009 Viliana telephoned us to testify that 
she was completely healed. After a biopsy test today, the doctor 
determined that dead cells were restored and she was completely healthy. 
Who heals today? I would say: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, 
today, and so will it be forever! We give Him all the glory!





Zhivka - 28.08.2009

Hello, I am writing to thank you for your prayers to God who headed for my daughter and my son's situation at home and comforted every day, God bless you. My heart glad to see you as peace returns to our dom.Zhivka

Jeravna YAMBOL Aheloy Pomorie

(1) A lady of the worship team, who has played the violin in church all her life, scheduled for surgery that same week due to a bone-ligament condition was instantly healed during the prayer.

(2) Deliverance of multiple cases of headache, migraines and sinus were reported at the end of the alter service.

(3) As the church continued in several hours of prayer, around 9 PM a lady threw herself on the floor with screams and convulsions and was delivered from a demon.

(4) An elderly gentleman with a chronic condition in his vestibular apparatus due to a foot injury reported instant improvement and ran joyfully through the church.

(5) Several people reported improvement in their eyesight and hearing.

(6) Instant disappearing of pain and discomfort in bones, muscles, ligaments and chronicle conditions in back, hip and neck areas were reported during the prayer.

(7) A lady with a broken arm, who was watching the service live on the internet, later reported that her pain disappeared during the course of the service.

(8) Several people, who were brought to service from the local Dialysis Treatment Center, also reported instant relief. We are now waiting for doctoral reports as confirmation for the healings.


George of Dolna Banya is out of the coma, THANK YOU ALL for prayers and let's continue to pray for him in the restoration FULL

Milena Wagner

Dear brothers and sisters,
Thank you for prayers! Our wonderful God Jesus do a miracle in my life. Respond to our prayers! Before two months, waiting for authorization for children at home. It was not a cure time great fight to prove once their alien status in Germany. More difficult if you are a Christian, but God fights for me. Today while watching preaching "the pleasure of being witness" called me on the phone to tell me that getting a permit? Glory be to God! Thank you from my heart and be blessed!
Milena Wagner

Deaf from 13 years,

This woman was deaf in one ear from 13 years, but Jesus heal her.



Barry from Scotland

A man named Barry from Scotland was healed from cancer.  Today he is totally healed and gives God praise for the miracle.

That girl and her mother was set free

That girl and her mother was set free by demonic possess after we prayed for them. Many years they have been suffered by depression and rejection as the purpose of the devil was to make them discouraged and to rob them spiritually and phisycally. When we saw them for the first time the girl was with strong tics and nervous breakdown. Now they are spiritual and phisical released and the kingdom of peace, joy and righteouseness is in their new lives so powerfully. Never forget this – “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and for ever”, Heb. 13:8.

Babtism in the Holy Spirit

    After the meeting on Monday, 27th August 2007 in town of Bankia, this boy share with us that a faith fulfilled his heart listening to the Word of God. When we started with the payer The Holy Spirit came upon him. Let us give praise to the Lord.

I have had eczema on my legs

I have had eczema on my legs. A year ago I visited one of the meetings of Pastor Vasil that was held in Bankia. There God touched me. I felt a power and warmth in my legs when he laid his hands on me. In a little time I saw the eczema disappeared from my legs totally and today I can say I am set free from my illness. Thanks God for my healing.

Daniel Steven

Dear brothers and sisters,
Thank you very much for your prayer support and interest for us and our baby Daniel, born with Down syndrome. We are so grateful to all the churches and
pastors that organized prayer meetings after our request. Lord hasn't late
to show us his grace and enormous love in the moment we've thought we are
alone with our pain and tragedy. We cried behind the hospital doors and
windows because of power of that love we felt coming through the prayers and
phone calls. In those difficult moment we realized how blessed actually we
are. In front of our eyes we have seen miracles to happen. In third day
oxygen mask was taken off from our baby's face. He was given his mother's
milk to drink and his stomach accepted it. On the next day Daniel was
realized by drain in his head vein and tube in his stomach and he started
breastfeed with perfect sucking reflex. On the fifth day antibiotic
injections were stopped after the positive blood test. All doubts about
non-working stomach and lack of sucking abilities in our baby fell dawn.
Praise the Lord.
About ten days now we are at home and Daniel grow normally except the colic
pain and omphalocele, because of much crying, he experiences now. We don't
believe he has syndrome but test confirmed it. Please, keep us in your
prayer because next step is to start physiological exercises and checking
the heart. Pray to our loving Lord for restoration in Daniel's mind and
learning abilities, do not have any damage in his brain. We, his parents
claim for God's miracle in Jesus name. For us Daniel is precious gift from
God and we believe He will use him for his glory.
Be blessed richly in Christ name,
with brothers love and thanks - Wayne and Margarita

Simeon from Sliven town

  A man named Simeon from town of Sliven was healed from some problems with his heart after he confessed in front of the meeting that he has had a heart attack. Today he is totally healed for God’s praise. A couple more women confessed after him that they are healed from problems with their hearts. God is a God of miracles!

Fanka Ganakova

   On the 11th of March 2007 a woman, Fanka Ganakova, was totally healed from eczema of her legs. She has had wounds as well as itches and pains. When she has gone back home after the church meeting she has washed her legs with water and the eczema has fallen down. Today she is totally healed and gives God praise for her miracle.

Ani Milcheva

Anny Milcheva Gaidarova is a little girl who has the opinion of doctors that she needs to have a surgery of her heart. The operation had to be held but after the prayer for the sick on 11th of March 2007 God healed her and now she feels herself very well. May give honor and praise to Jesus for his blood that was shed and that he is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

Temenijka Asenova

Temenujka Asenova Avramova and Elenka Asenova Molova suffer from problems with their hearts for a long time. After we laid hands upon them and pray in the name of Jesus they declared that God set them free. We give the whole praise to the Lord for these women.

Kircho Milchev

   On the 11th of March 2007 Kircho Milchev Tsukev from Ticha village was healed. God healed his eyes after he has suffered from short-sightedness. Through all that time he used 10-11 dioptric glasses and he needed them. Today he confessed the healing of his eyes as he can see for the first time a coin on the ground at a distance from 3 meters without glasses. When he puts his glasses on his eyes he says he cannot see so clear and found that he doesn’t need them anymore. We give the whole praise to the Lord for the miracle he did for that boy!

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  On the18th of March 2007 five people from Ticha village accepted Jesus Christ for their Lord and Savior and received the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that the whole heaven rejoices when one sinner confesses an is saved. We rise up Jesus for the miracle of salvation and the new life that they received in Christ.

New Souls in Turkey

We are rejoicing that "A" and "R" have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and have received the gift of speaking in tongues (Mark 16:17). "A" is Turkish and "R" is from America.

Our friends from Germany, Karl-Otto and Ann are in town. Ann felt the power of the Holy Spirit in our prayer meeting. "A" brought a new person with him to the prayer meeting, "Ra." We pray that he will receive the Lord soon.

"M" is in Istanbul for a job interview. It looks like he will get a job in Russia that will help support his suffering family. We will miss him very much. We know the Lord will be with him and we pray that he will meet other believers where ever he goes. The person that "M" thought was his missing father turned out not to be. It was very disappointing for him and his mother, but we have peace. We had the opportunity to share the gospel with him, and he told us that he believes. Please pray for his mother. She told us that she has to leave her apartment and has nowhere to store her appliances. We are praying that she can find a low-cost apartment soon. She is deeply distressed; the enemy has attacked her. For some unknown reason, she is holding back from giving her whole heart to Jesus. She needs complete deliverance.

Our weapons in this battle are not earthly; we are fighting in the Spirit.

Names are removed for security purposes.

Mark and Karen Roberts
Missionaries to Turkey
Project #065-0196

In Times of Crisis

Times of crisis bring out the best or the worst in people. An example of this can be seen in Stephen, a young successful businessman turned part-time evangelist. His pastor, Yorry Tasik of our "Shalom" congregation in north Jakarta, shared Stephen's latest adventure with me. It thrilled my soul and challenged me.

Stephen was scheduled to preach for the Sunday morning service. Although the Shalom church building was not flooded, the roads leading from Stephen's house to the church were. While the flooded roads stopped many people from getting to church, they could not Stephen. He was determined to fulfill his preaching assignment.

He rented a delivery truck and drove it through the floodwaters until it could not go anymore. Then, he walked for four city blocks in water above his belt. Finally, he took a motorcycle taxi in ankle-deep water the rest of the way to the church. When asked by his pastor why he went through all this trouble, Stephen replied, "Because my pastor had given me a job to do and I didn't want to disappoint my pastor or my Lord."

Wow! His faith both blessed and challenged me. I pray it does the same for you.

Tommy and Poppi Smith
Missionaries to Indonesia
Project #060-0089

My name is Krasimira and I am from the town of Rousse.  I had strong pains in my knee on my left leg caused by spurs and Austial perousis.  After I shared my need to the others and they prayed for me, I started to walk around the room and in a few moments I understood I was totally healed and I could walk freely again.  I also was released from depression and fear that I have had for a long time.  I thank Jesus for his perfect healing.  I would like also to give thanks to Pastor Vasil and his ministry for visiting us in our city and their prayers for us.  

I am from the town of Varna and I visited one of the healing services of Pastor Vasil and Naci Petrovi on 16 September 2006. I had cyst’s on the upper parts of my legs. After Pastor Vasil prayed for me I went to sit down on my seat but immediately when I touched my legs I understood the cyst’s were gone. I went out in front of the people and I give thanks to Jesus for the miracle that he performed. I am so grateful deep from my heart.

Sarafovo town

Stefani is 12 years old and she lives in Sarafovo. We have known what God did for her life from the rehabilitation therapist. He shared with us that Stefani was not able to take just two steps by herself without using a wheel-chair or crutch. After we laid hands on her and prayed for her healing she said: “Something is happening with my legs. I feel it.” Then I said to her: “Stand up and walk.” She stood and started to walk, just a little unsure at the beginning, but then by her own power, faster and faster. Her rehabilitation therapist told us that after that service Stefani had walked for an hour without any kind of supporting aids but by her own feet. We give the Lord Jesus the whole glory.

Sultanka Georgieva
Gabrovo town

For a month I have had a nodule as big as a walnut. No one has known about that, except Jesus. On Thursday (15th June 2006) the Spirit of God has touched me at a prayer-healing meeting in the our church in town of Gabrovo. After that touch I felt a great joy and peace to come upon me. On the next day I touched the place where the nodule was and I realized it was gone. God has taken it away from me. Today I give thanks to Him deep from my heart and give Him the whole praise for this miracle!

Subka Dimova
In process of development

The first name Subka Dimova:

I am a Turkish woman and I believe in the Koran. On 13 July 2006 I went to the church for the first time in my life where I received Jesus Christ for my personal Lord and Savior. It was a healing service and I went in front of the people and Pastor Vasil and the whole church prayed for me because I had a cancer or tumor of the thyroid gland. After a couple of days I went to Sofia for a regular checkup where the doctor saw that the tumor was gone and later God performed one more great miracle in my life. I have gone to the hospital for a gynecological checkup because of hard pains and the doctor found cysts in my ovaries. On 3 August 2006 I went again to a healing service in our church and the people praye d for me again. On 21 August 2006 I was sent for testing in the Oncologycal hospital in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. On the X-ray’s that they took of me you can see very clearly both of the cysts in my ovaries. On 11 September 2006 they checked me into the hospital in the town of Gabrovo for surgery. On 12 September 2006 coming into the surgery room the doctor wanted to check me by echo graph before he started the surgery. He was totally confused seeing the miracle that God had done for me. The surgery was done by Jesus Christ, the doctor of all doctors. I am giving Jesus my heart for all that He has done for me.

Emiliyan Petkov
Veliko Turnovo town

I have had a strong pain on the small of my back for a year. I was informed the reason is a pinched vertebra in my waist. It was very hard for me to bow down and it caused me a lot of pain. During the healing ministry by Pastor Vasil and his wife, yesterday (6t August), I received my miracle. The Spirit of God set me free totally. I am giving the whole glory to Him.

Velichko Velikov
Gabrovo town

I have had unbearable ache in m y right wrist because of too much work. It was a big problem for me because this ache was in my way to work p roperly. This Sunday I came forward before the meeting and Pastor Vasil Petrov laid hands upon me for healing. The ache was gone immediately. Praise the Lord! Now I am free and thank God for His mercy.