Prayer needs - 2015

Joseph Senoga Richard 7/01/2015

Feeling too much pain in my body and i also have malaria disturbing me a lot i need to see the doctor keep me in your prayers, and also pray for my family things are not good at all, we need God's healing, restoration and above all provision
Joseph Senoga Richard

Joseph Senoga Richard – PRAYER REQUEST

There is water flood in the classes and outside as you can see in these photos, kids have nowhere to pass and today we were forced to send them away. so the school issurrounded by water flood, yet its time for exams, we have to book end of term Exams the children were meant to begin this week the exams, but we can allow them to seat in water, the Children had come today but have no where to pass and play around, we need to buy more soil to pour down the floor in the classes and pour outside so to get a way to pass, at the same time need food to feed these children for this month of April, so this is a Challenge that we are facing, yet Children have to be at school and complete the syllabus before the exams. so we need much of your prayers friends, May God have mercy upon us, and provide for us during this time of great need.

so the greatest need now is to buy soils to pour in the Classrooms, and get food for the children

we kindly ask you to stand with us so that the children can be able to sit for the Exams, we are facing a very difficult time nothing is moving now, yesterday the lady who helps lost her daughter yesterday and the funeral was for today, so we are looking for food for the month of April and then the floods came so we are caught up with lots of Challenges we kindly beg you to stand with us with anything so we can get soils to pour down the floor and outside get exams and food, kindly stand with us by the grace of God, no one has stepped in to help and support for this cause help us to save the lives and future of these orphans and vulnerable children we can not allow the children to sit in water this can cause more problems diseases like malaria because of mosquitoes, typhoid, etc. and the government can't allow us to teach children in such an environment. that is why we are begging you to help us and stand with us.

so we need soil, food, shelter, clothes, and school materials papa than ks a lot for considering us to be part of your ministry

and am glad to have yo as my spiritual dad

thanks for accepting me as your son, God bless you so much amen.


Prayer needed for Stefan

Please everyone pray for George, he was in England and is in serious condition. Iwrote his sister, hardly tolerate chemotherapy and needs a miracle!
If there are people who can come in fasting and prayer would be good! Thank you all!

Pastor Vasil Petrov

My name is Rossy from Yambol town

My name is Rosie and I am from the church "Bethel"-Yambol. Suggest a need for my little daughter, Jacqueline, 5 years old. She was diagnosed with "childhood autism".Does not understand and speak. Reason is bound and often falls intonekontroleruemi and nervous conditionsPlease support me in prayer for deliverance from this demonShe hardly sleeps at night and day, crying constantly,does not stay in one place, and it ruins the whole family. I believe you will support meGod bless you!

I received yesterday about the little Jacquelinehave begun to sleep through thenight and even during the dayGlory to Jesus! Our prayers have effect. Let us pray for complete healing!

Prayer need Stoyan Nankov

Hello Pastor PetrovI say Stoyan Nankov and lives in SofiaI believe with all our heart in our Lord Jesus Christ came to me a few days a lump in the throat and continues to narastva.oshte not know what is the diagnosis for our Lord but notimpossibleI believe that God will heal me and pray a lot. I would be very grateful to you if you ask meThank God there are people like you and believe that Godhears your prayersThanks for your support and may God bless you.

Prayer need for pastor David

I am emailing you on behalf of David's wife Diane.
Yesterday David was taken into hospital with a heart problem which is likely to require surgery in a London Hospital.
I will keep you informed with what is happening; I am keeping in close contact with Diane.
Michael Yarrow
(elder, The King's Church, Harlow)

Prayer for Eddie

Eddie: I was born on June 16, 1972 in the city of Tyumen - Russia. Since I am 15 years in Bulgaria, along with my mother and my sister. They live in Pavlikeni and I, my wife and six year our son Alexander live in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. By profession I am a driver, but I have worked in other fields. On September 16, while Eddie repair truck that the truck cab fell on his waist and it hurt really bad. Was placed in intensive care at a hospital in the city of Iasi, Romania, where the incident happened. There, doctors diagnosed "Broken Cross. More detailed information on the site http://www.edipoli.info/node

Prayer need Daniela

Hello, Dear Brothers and Sisters. I turn to you and ardently asking to pray with me and my family my sister to Milan Veselka. SHE IS WITH CANCER OF THE LIVER AND THE B. By 1 month MOZAKA.LEKARITE spread to tackle all notes FORCES, BUT ALREADY KNOW FROM LOSS OF SPOUSE me that God creates CHUDESA.MOLYA ONLY YOU with all my heart BE FOR PRAYER AND SPIRITUAL SUPPORT NEED. God bless you. DANIELA Listen Read phonetically