Lord's Supper

Plovdiv and Pishtigovo

Hello Church,

  We feel consequently blessed because of our visit to Christian groups from the city of Plovdiv and the village of Pishtigovo in the Pazardzik’s county.

  On the 5th of April, 2012 we arrived in Plovdiv, where we were welcomed by our sister in Christ, Tina. This woman and her husband Nikolai are of a huge gift for the body of Christ and we were received in their home with a lot of love. There was an immense blessing for us from the Lord. Only a few hours after our arrival, a mother and a daughter came as we had a pre-arranged prayer meeting with them. Both of them were suffering from a severe depression and were under a course of medications. They were looking for a way out of the situation, as the young girl had experienced being treated at a psychiatric clinic! Their freedom was Jesus! We had a few hours of conversation with them and by the end of it they were invited to accept Him in their lives. They acknowledged Jesus and we are very thankful to God for the salvation of their souls. I found myself in a great happiness as the girl had a great desire to start studying the bible. I believe that God would not abandon them and His Grace would be their protection from the evil one.

  On the 6th of April, 2012 we went to the home of our sister Svetla who is suffering from a cancer. On arrival it was obvious that she was extremely weak. She wanted to go to bed straight away as she felt powerless. However, a few minutes after, God gave her strength and we had a long conversation about the Word, and there was an encouragement about what God could do. God picked her up and gave her new energy. God unveiled to us that we had to throw out all the occult literature she had, a book by Vanga and a number of books from some charlatans. When we were leaving, she was encouraged and convinced in the victory. Her pains were gone and we carry on thrusting in God about her miracle. Let us continue praying about her until we reach a full victory!

On the same day’s night we had a congregation of about 20 people and God was in between us. We were happy to meet and get to know the people who are a part of our church there. I preached on the Word of God and we prayed for the sick. There was a woman who had just been discharged from the hospital and she came with severe pains in her waist, knees and she had creepers as well. Straight after our prayer she confessed a healing over her knees, as she was moving them without any pain. An elderly nurse from the blood centre in Plovdiv prayed a repentance prayer and accepted Jesus in her life, just after hearing the Word of God for the first time in her life as she had never attended a congregation like that before. Furthermore God delivered people from demonic powers and they were able to go home smiling, happy and encouraged by the works of the Lord. God worked differently in the life of everyone who attended! I trust that there would be healing over the life of everyone who believes in order to give the glory to the name of Jesus. God shall bless them and keep their healing!

 On Saturday the 7th of April, 2012 we had to attend the Sunday service in Dupnitza. But God had different plans for us. Pastor Sasho Alexandrov who had invited me, called me and told me that the people that we had to pray about, had to go the Greece in a emergency situation. I leave the judgements of the reason to you. Coming out from that he asked me whether we could change the date of  our service together and I accepted.

We though that we had to come back in Gabrovo and to continue the service there on live but while we lunched, a women from the Internet Church called me on skipe and told me: ”Pastor Vasil Petrov,  you told us that you will visit all from the Internet Church but now you are only 50 km from us if you want you’re welcome we will be glad to see you.” My answer was that we will pray and we will call. Not long after, we were assured in the Spirit of God to go to village Pishtigovo and to have the Sunday’s church there.

We had the amazing time there with one beautiful family but in the beginning their suffering was vast. In the period of time they have lost their mother and the middle daughter was killed in 2006 year from evil fake “believers” people. It was hard to believe that there could be such people on this Earth but the demons are not harvested. We had time for listening the whole story and we were shocked from that what the Devil can do with one home. I was hardly determined to destroy the cases of the Devil in this family. At Sunday we had so strong morning service with Natasha , her father Zarko and sister Maria from the prayer service and as everyone who was with us on live from our Internet Church. After I freed the Word of God to the believers there was an anointing for prayer. Till I was praying for liberation at the meeting the Holy Spirit has dashed like a wind and took everyone’s heartache.  The father who was carrying the burden of unforgiveness has received full liberation and that was the biggest wonder which happened. God delivered him from the demon and he yelled loud: “From now on I am new person I forgive everyone who harmed me and God to forgive me too. God has taken my burden”. These words came from the depth of the heart of this man and God has fully liberated him. After we finished the meeting on internet, we continue praying for Natasha for her full liberation. God has liberated her from the demons and they came out with screaming. Before we notice the whole neighborhood gathered at the garden and started to come in to see what is going on. God has delivered the girl and we separated with them and we were very happy.

These were my most fresh impressions from this trip and I believe that it has given you courage about that together in the battle with post and pray like one Christ body, everybody will win in the name of Jesus. Thank God, for this wonderful time and we continue keeping these people in prayer because we love them. Also, we love all those with whom we haven’t met yet but you see that I keep my promises.

You can watch all videos on the page service. God bless you aplenty, church.

Pastor Vasil Petrov

Ministry in Plovdiv 05.04.2012

In city of Plovdiv we will be in Friday from 5:00 p.m. in a private apartment, where we will serve and spend time with people of the Internet Church, please pray for our brothers and sisters there, may God bless them by us! For those, that are in the region and want to attend live the address is that: City of Plovdiv residential district Hristo Smirnensky, street “Ivan Geshev” number 9, 1st floor, apartment on the right. If the door is locked ring the bell on “family Daskalovi” and search for Tina Daskalova.

Ministry in Dupnica on 08.04.2012

We are invited Sunday in city of Dupnica in the church of pastor Metody, on the Sunday service in the new building of the church. So, this Sunday we will have a recording of the service there and I believe in Monday you can see everything from the our weekly traveling! We believe God will do his miracles for the people there and will strengthen those who are weak!